Vampire Knight – Anime Review

Genre: : Drama, Romance, Mystery, Shoujo, Vampire, Supernatural Released: 2008-Completed OVERVIEW Vampire Knight is a story about this academy, cause that's where the entire anime happens, and this academy is divided into 2 types of classes, the day class and the night class. From the title you can guess what's going on in the night class, … Continue reading Vampire Knight – Anime Review

Detective Conan/ Cased Closed – Anime Review

Genre: Mystery, Detective, Adventure, Comedy, Shounen Released: 1996 - Ongoing OVERVIEW Detective Conan or Case Closed (dub), is the story of an intellectually gifted high school detective and student Shinichi Kudo, but more precisely Conan Edogawa. Let me clarify, one night, while Shinichi was at an amusement park with his girlfriend Ran, or Rachel in … Continue reading Detective Conan/ Cased Closed – Anime Review

Zetsuen No Tempest – Anime Review

Genre:  Action, Drama, Fantasy, Magic, Mystery, Psychological, Shounen Released: 2012 OVERVIEW Zetsuen no Tempest is a complex story about two boys, Fuwa Mahiro and Takigawa Yoshino. Mahiro and Yoshino have been best friends since elementary, Yoshino didn't like him at fist, but after Mahiro got into an accident, Yoshino was delegated to visit him on behalf … Continue reading Zetsuen No Tempest – Anime Review